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Relocation Services​

We are a local residential moving, packing, and cleaning company. Many moving companies in FL do not offer cleaning services. We feel this sets us apart from other moving companies. Often, after a move, you must return to your old home to make sure it is cleaned; either for a deposit or to make sure it is broom cleaned before closing. No matter the case, we offer inspection cleanings as well; we are here for all of your moving needs.

Don't have time to unpack and organize your new home? We can help! Moving can be very stressful, let us lighten the load with our professional moving and packing services! Our owner is a mother and wife. Family is always a top priority of hers. So, as a business owner, she gets that when you hire a moving company to provide a service for you inside your home that they need to be trusted. She sets high standards for her help and asks they have integrity on and off the clock.

If you are interested in our relocation services, call Avid Movers in Bradenton, FL, to learn more about what we do.